11th Grade Summer Camp Denville

Summer camp for teenagers 10th & 11th graders highschool near Denville

The LIT Experience

16-17 Year Old Summer Camp near Denville


The Leader-in-Training (LIT) program at Tamarack Day Camp near Denville is designed for 16 to 17-year-olds, particularly those in 10th grade. This program effectively prepares participants for leadership roles, transitioning from campers to potential camp counselors. It focuses on nurturing essential leadership skills through practical experiences in problem-solving, role modeling, and teamwork. Participants are equipped with tools that not only enhance their capabilities within the camp setting but also serve them in various life scenarios beyond the camp. This program is ideal for parents near Denville seeking a formative experience for their teenagers.

Take On Meaningful Responsibility

10th Grade Summer Camp Denville


At Tamarack Day Camp near Denville, we offer a Leader-in-Training (LIT) program for 16 to 17-year-olds focused on providing their first significant work experience. This program is dedicated to mentoring participants, delivering constructive feedback, and sharing insights that prepare them not only for college but also for future professional environments.

Participants will engage in a variety of activities that foster skill development in a welcoming and inclusive environment. This approach ensures that every teen contributes uniquely to our camp community, gaining confidence and practical skills along the way. For parents near Denville looking for a structured yet enjoyable summer program, our LIT program is an excellent choice to start their teens on a path of personal and professional growth.

Participate In an Exciting Adventure

High school Summer Camp Denville


Join our special six-day leadership program at Tamarack Day Camp near Denville, designed for 16-17-year-olds. This program, in collaboration with Windsor Mountain staff, focuses on essential skills such as teamwork, leadership, and responsibility through both structured activities and exciting outdoor adventures like hiking and camping.

This program is particularly valuable for its immersive approach, pushing participants to develop their capabilities and teamwork. The skills gained are not only applicable to immediate camp activities but also enhance college applications and resumes. This experience provides a platform for young individuals to test their limits, discover their potential, and achieve significant personal growth. Join us for a journey that offers both challenges and significant developmental rewards.