Our Program

Our Mission is to create a Summer Experience for our families so exceptional that it creates campers for life!

lacrosseThe Tamarack Program creates opportunities for our campers to try new things and develop skills in a variety of athletic and creative activities, and this becomes the vehicle for a truly transformative experience. The power of the Tamarack experience is not in learning to play lacrosse or performing in the Dance Show, but rather in the process that leads to the accomplishment.

Driven by our mission, the Tamarack staff creates a caring, supportive environment where trying new things and overcoming obstacles is not only possible but a daily occurrence. Our counselors are Role Models present every step of the way, believing in the campers and giving them the confidence they need to succeed. Everything we do from hiring staff to developing exciting new program areas is done to foster this environment. We understand that caring for a child is not always giving them what they want but truly teaching the life skills necessary to succeed and improve their Emotional Intelligence.

Camp Structure

basketballCampers are organized into groups based on the grade they are entering in the following September and led by two or more counselors. The groups are organized into Divisions and each Division is overseen by an adult teacher called a Division Head. Once our campers are 5 years old and up, they are in single sex groups.

Each group follows a custom, 5-day schedule that addresses the needs and interest of that group. Instructional Swim, Free Swim, and Lunch are the only constants in the group schedules. The remainder of the activities vary Monday – Friday allowing our campers to experience everything Tamarack has to offer.

Follow the links below to learn more about each of our programs.

Munchkins (Ages 3-5)

Explorers (1st & 2nd Graders)

Juniors (3rd & 4th Graders)

Seniors (5th & 6th Graders)

Teen Travel (7th, 8th, & 9th Graders)

LIT Program (10th & 11th Graders)

Parent Communication

At Tamarack, communication with our camp families is fundamental! As a smaller camp based community, Tamarack embraces our ability to keep in very close touch with our camp families on a daily basis. You always have access to our Camp Nurse, Office Manager, Division Head (of your child), Aquatics Director, Athletics Director, Assistant Camp Director and Camp Director when necessary.

Our philosophy is to NEVER let the sun set on a parent phone call. Your needs and concerns are important to us and we want every single one to be heard. We use a highly efficient process, expediting your specific questions to the appropriate party. That person is alerted internally and provided your direct information so that they may contact you back at optimal speed!  During the Camp Day, our Division Heads are out and about with the Campers but they will get back to you before the end of the day.

Divisional Newsletters and email updates are sent out every week to ensure you know what is happening at camp and all the special events taking place! You will also receive weekly TREKS (fun weekly updates) from your child’s counselors, as well as a Swim Reports from your child’s swim instructor in your campers backpack on Friday afternoon!

We welcome the opportunity to talk with parents.  Our office staff is always available should you wish to speak with someone.

Code of Living!

To foster a stronger, more close knit camp community here at Tamarack, we developed a program for our 1st- 9th graders called the Code of Living. This helps the kids to be conscious of the community they live in and to hold themselves and the people around them to a higher standard.  This initiative allows them to create a summer experience for each other so exceptional that it creates amazing memories for life!

The code of living is really just a set of values that, if followed, helps create a truly unique environment for our campers.  The foundations of our code are: Integrity, Responsibility, Leadership, Resilience and Fellowship. These 5 elements make up the code, but it’s the campers that actually define them with the help of their counselors.

Integrity: Communication with peers directly, does not talk about others behind their backs, good sportsmanship, helps others, treats others fairly, and is honest.

Responsibility: cleans up above and beyond, keeps track of stuff, follows directions, does what is right because it is right, and helps out group and counselors.

Leadership: positive attitude, team spirit, role models something, demonstrates a skill, leads the group in some way, praises other campers, and encourages other campers.

Resilience: not giving up, sets a goal, is tough, seeks ways of improvement, and adapts quickly.

Fellowship: being a good friend, looks out for fellow campers, does not pass judgments, welcoming, and is trustworthy.