LIT Program (10th Graders)

The LIT Experience

Designed to help bridge the gap between camper and counselor, the LIT program gives you the opportunity to learn exceptional skills that will make you a strong and successful leader at camp and in life.

Our goal is to provide our 10th graders, at such a pivotal point in their lives in growth and development, with the tools necessary to become skillful in problem solving, role modeling, and working as a team.

Take On Meaningful Responsibility

For many of our LIT’s this will be a first time job. We help guide you through your first working experience by providing constructive feedback and advice. We want you to become successful staff members while also gaining important skills for college and for your future career.

We give you the opportunity to learn these skills in a unique and diverse and of course fun environment where YOU will make an important contribution to the camp community!

Participate In an Exciting Adventure

LIT_pic3Our LIT’s participate in a 6 day leadership trip to Windsor Mountain. This program has been VERY successful in teaching teens the concepts of teamwork, leadership, and responsibility. This program includes leadership training both by Tamarack Staff and the Windsor Mountain Staff, and significant hiking and camping during the 6 days out.

The trip is designed to get young people out of their comfort zones and to push them to see what they can accomplish together. You will return to camp with an impressive real-life experience that will stand out on your résumé and college application.