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Summer Camp For 5th & 6th Graders 10-12 Year Olds Near Succasunna

Parents residing near Succasunna, your search for an enriching summer experience for your senior campers, aged 10-12, ends with Tamarack Day Camp. Our camp, now nestled in a new vibrant location, promises your children a season brimming with unparalleled joy and adventure.

At Tamarack Day Camp, senior campers engage in a wide spectrum of activities, each designed to cater to their evolving interests and abilities. Among these offerings, our celebrated day trip to Camelbeach stands out, providing a splash of excitement and a memorable escape from the summer heat.

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Beyond the regular camp schedule, seniors at Tamarack are treated to an enhanced program that includes a variety of advanced Choice options. These allow campers to tailor their summer, diving deeper into activities they love or discovering new passions. The apex of the Tamarack experience for our seniors is undoubtedly the Senior Late Nights. These special evenings extend the camp day, allowing for a communal dinner, additional swim time, extra games, and unique events that foster lasting friendships and memories. As the sun sets, the day culminates around a twilight campfire, where the air fills with laughter and the sweet scent of S’mores, marking the perfect close to a day of adventure and bonding.

At Tamarack Day Camp, we’re committed to offering a summer that’s as unforgettable as it is transformative, right here in our new location, providing our senior campers with experiences that stay with them long after the summer has faded.

Senior Athletics

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Parents near Succasunna, welcome to Tamarack Day Camp, where we elevate the summer camp experience for your senior campers, ages 10-12, through a meticulously curated program of athletic adventures. Nestled in our new, sprawling location, Tamarack Day Camp offers an environment where every child, regardless of skill level, finds opportunities to grow, challenge themselves, and excel.

Our camp boasts an extensive range of sports activities designed to cater to every interest and ability. From the excitement of soccer, football, and lacrosse to the precision of archery and the thrill of skateboarding and mountain biking, our facilities are unmatched. Week after week, our senior groups immerse themselves in these diverse athletic offerings, enjoying the vast expanses of our fields under the guidance of our dedicated athletic specialists.

What truly distinguishes Tamarack Day Camp is our commitment to personalized coaching. Our Tamarack Specialists are more than instructors; they are mentors dedicated to nurturing every camper’s potential. They provide individualized attention, ensuring that whether a child is mastering the basics of bike riding or advancing their technique in a chosen sport, they receive the support and encouragement needed to progress.

Our counselors stand side by side with our campers, participating in activities and working closely with the specialists to forge experiences that are not only fun but deeply rewarding. This collaborative approach fosters a sense of camaraderie and personal achievement among campers.

In our vibrant and inclusive environment, every child is given the chance to explore and deepen their athletic passions. Tamarack Day Camp is a place of discovery and growth, where your child can safely push their boundaries and embrace new challenges, all within the supportive and dynamic setting of our new location.

Creative Arts

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Parents residing near Succasunna, let your child’s creativity flourish this summer at Tamarack Day Camp’s Arts Studios, a cornerstone of artistic exploration and expression for seniors aged 10-12. Our state-of-the-art, air-conditioned studios are the perfect backdrop for young artists to unleash their imagination under the guidance of our expert art instructors.

Our comprehensive program covers an impressive array of creative disciplines, ensuring there’s something to spark every child’s interest. From the tactile pleasure of Ceramics to the rhythm of Music, the culinary adventures of Cooking, the expressive power of Drama, the tranquility of Nature exploration, the survival skills in Camper vs Wild, the movement of Dance, the focus of Digital Photography, the intricacy of Jewelry Making, to the innovation of Computers, our campers engage in these activities on a weekly basis, discovering new talents and refining existing ones in our vibrant artistic community.

The highlight of our summer is the annual Dance and Drama Production, a spectacular showcase where our Senior Girl groups take center stage. This event, held in a local venue equipped with professional sound and lighting during the sixth week of camp, is not just a performance but a celebration of the artistic journey our campers have embarked on. It’s an opportunity for parents and the community to witness the culmination of weeks of dedication, creativity, and teamwork, in an unforgettable display of talent and passion.

At Tamarack Day Camp, we are committed to providing a dynamic and nurturing environment where every camper can explore their artistic potential. Join us for a summer filled with creativity, joy, and the celebration of artistic achievement, right in the heart of our new location. Let’s make this summer an extraordinary chapter in your child’s artistic journey!

Learn to Swim

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For families near Succasunna, the Learn to Swim Program at Tamarack Day Camp is a cornerstone of our offerings, drawing particular enthusiasm from seniors aged 10-12 and their parents. At the heart of our camp lies our state-of-the-art aquatic facility, a newly developed space featuring eight 25-meter lanes that provide an ideal setting for both learning and leisure swimming.

Every morning, senior campers look forward to a 40-minute swim lesson, a time not just for skill development but also for fun and camaraderie in the water. These sessions are meticulously led by our certified instructors, who, alongside group counselors, ensure a supportive and engaging environment for every participant. Our approach to swimming instruction is skill-based, tailored to meet each camper’s unique needs and abilities. This personalized attention is made possible by our instructors’ expertise, which is continually honed through annual training programs aligned with the American Red Cross standards, leveraging over 25 years of experience in teaching swimming to children.

The afternoons at Tamarack are reserved for Free Swim, a much-anticipated part of the day where seniors can freely enjoy the water, practicing their newly learned skills or simply relishing the joy of swimming with friends. This blend of structured learning and unstructured play makes our Learn to Swim Program a memorable and rewarding experience, emphasizing safety, skill acquisition, and the sheer pleasure of swimming, all within the inviting waters of our new aquatic facility.

Ropes Courses

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Families near Succasunna, discover the heart-pounding excitement of Tamarack Day Camp’s Ropes Course, a treasure trove of adventure for seniors aged 10-12. Our camp, now situated in a new location, is renowned for its array of high-flying activities that challenge and exhilarate in equal measure.

Our Ropes Course features a 200-foot Zipline that sends campers soaring through the air, alongside Vertical and Horizontal Climbing Walls for those who wish to conquer heights at their own pace. The Giant Swing offers a unique thrill, lifting campers into the sky before sweeping them through the air in an exhilarating arc. For adventurers seeking even more excitement, our High Ropes course extends the challenge with more complex, mid-air obstacles.

A standout feature of our program is the prestigious Repel School, exclusive to Tamarack Day Camp. Here, senior climbers are invited to refine their skills, learning advanced climbing and rappelling techniques that further their confidence and proficiency in navigating heights.

Safety is paramount at Tamarack Day Camp. Our ropes courses are rigorously inspected before each season by the experts who constructed them, ensuring the highest standards of structural integrity. Moreover, our certified ropes instructors conduct daily safety checks and provide professional guidance, ensuring that every camper’s experience on the ropes is not only thrilling but also secure.

Join us for a summer of adventure and achievement, where the spirit of challenge meets the highest standards of safety, all in the beautiful setting of our new location.


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At Tamarack Day Camp, nestled near Succasunna, we empower young campers aged 10-12 with the freedom to shape their summer adventures through our Choice camp program. This unique opportunity allows them to select their daily activities from a continually evolving lineup, guaranteeing a summer filled with diversity and excitement.

Each week, our campers are presented with a new roster of options, spanning from athletic endeavors to creative workshops. This variety ensures that every camper finds something to ignite their passion and curiosity. What sets our program apart for our older campers, the Seniors, is the exclusive opportunity to take part in our annual Drama Production or to dazzle in our Dance routine. These performances are not only a highlight of our summer program but a chance for Seniors to showcase their talents, work collaboratively, and create lasting memories. The commitment and creativity of our Seniors invariably result in standout performances that add a touch of magic to our shows and leave audiences in awe.

At Tamarack Day Camp, we believe in providing an environment where campers can explore their interests, develop new skills, and express themselves artistically, all within the supportive and dynamic community of our new location.

Social Development


Tamarack Day Camp, located near Succasunna, is a beloved summer destination for 10-12-year-olds and their families. Here, under the watchful eyes and enthusiastic leadership of our dedicated counselors, campers participate in a variety of team challenges and friendly competitions that light up their summer with excitement and camaraderie. These activities are thoughtfully designed to promote teamwork, enhance effective communication, and encourage mutual support, laying the foundation for a summer of growth and friendship.

Our counselor-led initiatives are pivotal in fostering an atmosphere of respect and understanding among campers. This nurturing environment is conducive to the blossoming of lasting friendships, with bonds formed at camp often continuing to thrive long after the summer ends. At Tamarack, we are committed to maintaining a safe and supportive space for all campers, underscored by our zero-tolerance policy towards bullying. We believe in empowering our campers to develop the essential emotional and social skills they need for lifelong success, all within the enriching and joyful context of our camp activities.