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Summer Camp For 3rd & 4th Graders 8-10 Year Olds Near Succasunna

Tamarack Day Camp, now delightfully situated near Succasunna, extends a warm welcome to families seeking an unparalleled adventure for their 8-10 year olds. At our camp, young explorers are immersed in a vibrant tapestry of activities designed to spark their creativity and athletic prowess. Each day is a new journey where campers hone their skills in both traditional and unique pursuits.

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Our diverse program includes twice daily swimming sessions, with mornings dedicated to instructional swimming to enhance aquatic abilities, and afternoons offering free swim for pure enjoyment. Beyond the pool, campers find themselves engaged in a variety of dynamic activities. From the precision and focus required in Archery, to the thrilling paths navigated in Mountain Biking, the balance and control mastered in Skateboarding, and the heights conquered in High Ropes, every day is an opportunity for discovery and growth.

The Adventurer program stands out by empowering campers with the choice to delve deeper into their preferred activities, promoting skill development and personal achievement. Additionally, the program is punctuated by the eagerly anticipated Late Nights – a hallmark of the Adventurer experience. These special evenings are a festival of fun, starting with a special dinner and extending into extra swim time, engaging games, and unique events. The night culminates with a twilight campfire, where stories are shared, laughter echoes, and S’mores are savored under the starlit sky near Succasunna, making Tamarack Day Camp the setting for unforgettable summer memories.

Junior Athletics

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Tamarack Day Camp invites young athletes aged 8-10 to immerse themselves in our Junior Athletics program, a comprehensive and energetic sporting experience nestled near Succasunna. At our facility, expansive fields set the stage for an array of sports activities including Soccer, Football, Pickleball, Lacrosse, Archery, Basketball, and Hockey. Each week, campers receive personalized attention from our dedicated Athletic Specialists who are passionate about introducing new skills and organizing games that not only apply these skills but also emphasize teamwork and personal growth.

Our program is distinguished by the unique approach of our Tamarack counselors, who don’t just oversee the activities but actively engage with the campers. This hands-on involvement creates a nurturing environment that encourages each child to thrive and succeed. It’s this combination of expert instruction, a wide variety of sports offerings, and a supportive community that has made our camp a cherished destination for families near Succasunna, looking for a meaningful and exciting athletic experience for their young adventurers.

Bike Program

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Tamarack Day Camp’s Bike Program has quickly become a favorite for 8-10-year-olds living near Succasunna, offering a comprehensive and adaptive biking experience that caters to every skill level. With a focus on individual growth, our seasoned instructors provide tailored guidance that boosts beginners’ confidence and challenges more experienced riders. Starting with fundamental skills, campers soon advance to navigating the camp’s diverse terrain, from engaging obstacle courses to the exhilarating paths of our mountain bike trails. At Tamarack, we prioritize safety and success, ensuring each participant is equipped with perfectly sized bikes and high-quality helmets. This program is designed to transform summer days into a journey of discovery and adventure on two wheels, right in the heart of the vibrant Succasunna area.

Creative Arts

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Tamarack Day Camp, situated near the vibrant community of Succasunna, opens a gateway to artistic exploration in our state-of-the-art, air-conditioned Arts Studios. Esteemed among families with 8-10-year-olds, our program is crafted to ignite creative passions and develop diverse artistic skills under the guidance of our expert art instructors. Each week, campers are immersed in a curated selection of activities designed to broaden their creative horizons.

From the tactile pleasure of Ceramics to the rhythms of Music; from the culinary delights of Cooking to the expressive realms of Drama; from the exploration of Nature and survival skills in Camper vs Wild to the graceful movements of Dance; and from the modern techniques of Digital Photography and Jewelry Making to the storytelling power of Video Editing—our program offers a rich tapestry of experiences. These activities unfold in our cool, comfortable classrooms, ensuring an environment where creativity flourishes.

A pinnacle of the summer is our annual Dance and Drama Production, a dazzling showcase where each Junior Girl group takes the stage to present a dance routine they’ve passionately prepared. Hosted at a professional local venue in the 6th week of camp, this event features high-quality sound and lighting, providing campers with a taste of professional performance. This memorable spectacle highlights the culmination of our campers’ hard work, creativity, and growth, making it an extraordinary experience not just for the performers but for the entire Tamarack community near Succasunna.

Learn to Swim

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Tamarack Day Camp, a beacon for families near Succasunna, proudly offers a standout Learn to Swim Program that captures the essence of our commitment to fostering growth and confidence in young swimmers. Designed to welcome children aged 8-10, our program makes a splash with its comprehensive approach to aquatic education, catered to a spectrum of abilities from beginners to advanced competitors. This diversity ensures that every child, regardless of their proficiency in the water, finds both challenge and enjoyment in our pools.

At the heart of our mornings is a 40-minute swim lesson, meticulously orchestrated by our team of certified instructors and supported by attentive group counselors. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to focus on skill development, aligning with the American Red Cross’s esteemed standards, and allowing swimmers to progress at their own pace. This methodology, refined over more than 25 years, champions personalized instruction that promises tangible improvement and skill acquisition.

In the afternoons, the excitement continues as our Adventurers group plunges back into the water for free swim sessions. These moments are not just about fun but also reinforce the morning’s lessons through unstructured play, helping to solidify the skills learned. Situated in the heart of the Succasunna community, our aquatic facilities are more than just pools—they are places where memories are made, skills are honed, and a lifelong love of swimming begins.

Ropes Courses

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Tamarack Day Camp, nestled near Succasunna, invites young adventurers aged 8-10 to challenge themselves on our thrilling ropes courses. Among these, the Confidence Course stands as an introduction to the exhilarating world of aerial adventure, suspended 5 feet above the ground. It’s meticulously designed to gently introduce campers to the basics of belaying and to navigate elements akin to those on our more advanced High Ropes Course. Highlights of our ropes adventures include a 200-foot Zipline, comprehensive Horizontal & Vertical Climbing Walls, and the heart-pounding Giant Swing, each offering a unique blend of excitement and challenge.

Safety forms the cornerstone of our program. Not only are our courses rigorously inspected by their creators before the start of each season, but our certified ropes instructors also perform daily checks to maintain the highest standards of safety. These skilled professionals accompany the children through every step of their journey, ensuring that each camper enjoys a secure and enriching experience. At Tamarack, located in the vibrant community of Succasunna, we’re dedicated to providing a memorable and safe outdoor adventure that empowers your children, builds their confidence, and leaves them with lasting memories.

Social Development


Tamarack Day Camp, situated near Succasunna, is a vibrant hub where children aged 8-10 flourish within a culture of teamwork, communication, and mutual respect. Our camp is built on the foundation of fostering an inclusive environment, guided by dedicated counselors who emphasize respectful engagement and effective communication among campers and staff. It is through these shared experiences that campers form deep connections and enduring friendships, essential elements of the Tamarack spirit.

Central to our ethos is a nurturing atmosphere where every child feels valued and heard, with a strict no-tolerance policy for bullying. We are committed to enriching the lives of our campers by equipping them with crucial social and emotional skills, preparing them for a bright future. At Tamarack, located in the heart of the community near Succasunna, we believe in empowering our young campers, providing them with the tools they need for success both within and beyond the campgrounds.