Summer camp for 3rd & 4th graders 8-10 year olds near Randolph (7)

Summer camp for 3rd & 4th graders 8-10 year olds near Randolph

Our camp is a favorite among 8-10 year olds in the Randolph area! Young campers get to explore a range of fun and active pursuits, receiving guidance in creative and athletic activities daily. With two swim sessions – instructional in the morning and free swim in the afternoon – they dive into aquatic skills. Additionally, they’re introduced to exciting activities like Archery, Mountain Biking, Skateboarding, High Ropes, and more!

Summer camp for 3rd & 4th graders 8-10 year olds near Randolph (6)


What makes our Adventurer program special is the freedom to choose preferred activities for skill advancement. Plus, Adventurers get the exclusive experience of Late Nights! During Junior Late Night, kids stay up late, enjoying a special dinner, extra swim time, games, unique events, and a twilight campfire with delicious S’mores!

Junior Athletics

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Join our Junior Athletics program for a dynamic range of sports activities designed for young adventurers aged 8-10! Located near Randolph, our camp offers full-size fields where kids can engage in Soccer, Football, Pickleball, Lacrosse, Archery, Basketball, Hockey, and more. Each week, our enthusiastic Athletic Specialists guide campers through various sports, dedicating time to teach new skills and organizing games that reinforce those skills. What sets us apart? Our Tamarack counselors actively participate alongside the campers, ensuring a supportive environment and fostering success for every child. Discover why families in the Randolph area love our engaging and popular camp for their young athletes!

Bike Program

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The Tamarack Bike Program is a hit among 8-10-year-olds in the vicinity of Randolph. Tailored to accommodate varying skill levels, our program offers personalized attention from skilled instructors, fostering confidence in novice riders. Campers progress from basic training to guided rides around camp, maneuvering through obstacle courses, and finally, exploring our thrilling mountain bike trails. Tamarack ensures access to well-fitted bikes and top-notch helmets for all participants.

Creative Arts

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Discover the vibrant world of creative expression waiting for your child in our air-conditioned Arts Studios! Nestled near Randolph, our camp is a hit among 8-10-year-olds and their parents. Led by skilled art instructors, our campers delve into an array of artistic activities each week.

Imagine your child exploring Ceramics, Music, Cooking, Drama, Nature, Camper vs Wild, Dance, Digital Photography, Jewelry Making, Video Editing, and more, all in our cool, comfortable classrooms.

A highlight is our annual Dance and Drama Production where every Junior Girl group dazzles the audience with their unique dance routine. This grand event, held at a local venue during the 6th week of camp, features professional sound and lighting, making it an unforgettable experience for everyone involved!

Learn to Swim

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Our Learn to Swim Program stands as a highlight of the Tamarack experience, attracting 8-10-year-olds and their parents living in proximity to Randolph. Our top-tier aquatic facility, tailored for beginner swimmers through to accomplished competitors, serves as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Each morning, our Juniors immerse themselves in a 40-minute swim lesson led by certified instructors, supported by group counselors. Lessons are skill-based rather than age-based, ensuring a challenge for swimmers at every level. With over 25 years of practical experience and adherence to American Red Cross standards, our coaching techniques guarantee effective learning. In the afternoons, Adventurers relish free swim time, returning to our pools for more aquatic fun.

Ropes Courses

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At Tamarack, our camp offers an array of exhilarating ropes courses that cater specifically to juniors aged 8-10. Our Confidence Course, positioned 5 feet above the ground, is designed to help campers acclimate to belaying techniques while navigating similar elements found in our High Ropes Course. With features like a 200’ Zipline, Horizontal & Vertical Climbing Walls, and a thrilling Giant Swing, the Ropes Course promises an exciting adventure for your young ones.

Rest assured, safety is our top priority. Our courses undergo thorough inspections before each season by the same company that constructed them. Additionally, our certified ropes instructors conduct daily checks and guide groups through all the courses, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for your children. Join us for a memorable and secure outdoor adventure at Tamarack!

Social Development

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In our camp, kids aged 8-10 from the Randolph area thrive in an atmosphere of teamwork, communication, and mutual support. Our dedicated counselors actively foster an environment where campers engage respectfully and communicate effectively with peers and staff, forming strong bonds and lasting friendships through shared experiences. At Tamarack, we prioritize a nurturing setting, ensuring zero tolerance for bullying, and focusing on equipping children with vital social and emotional skills crucial for their future success.