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Summer Camp For 3-5 Year Olds Near Morris Plains

Tamarack Day Camp is a beloved choice for families in the Morris Plains area with young children aged 3 to 5. Our camp offers tailored programs, including a 5-full-day option, a 3-full-day program, and a 5-half-day program, to accommodate various schedules. With our Munchkin Division, we prioritize personalized attention with the smallest camper to staff ratio in camp. Each group, typically comprising 10 to 12 campers, is led by 3 to 4 dedicated staff members.

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Designed specifically for 3, 4, and 5 year olds, our Munchkin Program features activities led by trained Munchkin Specialists. These specialists focus on nurturing gross and fine motor skills, fostering social development, and facilitating learning to swim. Additionally, we provide transportation, including pick up and drop off, for added convenience to families in the Morris Plains area.

Munchkin Athletics

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Discover the ideal camp for your preschooler right in your Morris Plains neighborhood! At Tamarack, we specialize in crafting miniaturized sports activities tailored for our youngest campers, aged 3 to 5. Our devoted coaches ensure your little ones develop fundamental skills while having a blast. We provide transportation services, including convenient pick-up and drop-off, so join us for an unforgettable experience!

Creative Arts

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Tamarack’s Creative Arts Center is the go-to destination for young, imaginative minds in Morris Plains and its surrounding areas. Our camp is a favorite among children aged 3-5 and their parents, offering a plethora of engaging artistic activities in comfortable, air-conditioned classrooms, led by experienced art instructors. With convenient transportation provided, including pick-up and drop-off, families can easily access our vibrant camp environment.

Each week, our campers embark on exciting adventures in Ceramics, Music, Cooking, Mad Science, Drama, Nature exploration, Dance, Digital Photography, Jewelry Making, and more. One of the highlights of our program is the annual Dance and Drama Production, where every Munchkin group, brimming with enthusiastic 3-5-year-olds, showcases their talents. Held at a local venue during the camp’s 6th week and featuring professional sound and lighting, this event creates a magical evening for our budding performers and their families to cherish.

Low Ropes and Confidence Course

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Looking for a fun and educational summer camp experience for your 3-5 year olds? Join us at Tamarack, a beloved camp in the Morris Plains area! We offer specially designed ropes courses that children love, particularly our low ropes course, which is a huge hit with our little adventurers. This course is not just about having fun—it’s about developing essential gross motor skills and building confidence needed to conquer more challenging activities. Children get the opportunity to climb, explore, and swing just inches off the ground, and we’ve added a thrilling Mini-Zipline to make it even more exciting!

At Tamarack, nurturing confidence in young campers is paramount. That’s why we introduce them to our Tamarack Confidence Course—a scaled-down version of our high ropes course, positioned just 5 feet above the ground. This setup allows children to familiarize themselves with the course elements while staying close to the ground and under the guidance of our expert instructors.

Safety is always our top priority. Our ropes courses undergo thorough inspections before each season by a reputable company, the same company that constructed them. Additionally, our certified ropes instructors conduct daily checks and guide the groups through our courses, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for every camper.

Located in Randolph and easily accessible to families near Morristown, we provide transportation services, including pick-up and drop-off. Join us for an unforgettable adventure-filled summer where your little ones will develop skills, build confidence, and create lasting memories!

Learn to Swim

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Absolutely! Tamarack Swim Camp, nestled in the heart of Morris Plains, is the ultimate destination for families with 3-5-year-olds eager to dive into swimming. Our prime location near Randolph ensures easy access, with convenient transportation options including pick-up and drop-off services provided.

Our state-of-the-art Aquatic Facility boasts a shallow, heated pool specially designed for our youngest swimmers, guaranteeing a comfortable and supportive setting. Led by certified swim instructors and assisted by group counselors, our engaging 40-minute swim lessons each morning help children develop water confidence and essential skills. In the afternoons, campers enjoy 40 minutes of free swim, fostering friendships and fun under the watchful eye of our attentive counselors.

At Tamarack, we take pride in being the preferred choice for Morris Plains families seeking a nurturing and successful swimming experience for their little ones.

Social Development

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Camp Tamarack is a cherished summer destination for families in Morris Plains with children aged 3 to 5. Our nurturing environment ensures your little ones experience the magic of camp life while developing essential social skills. With a strong focus on communication, teamwork, and respect, our Munchkins campers embark on a journey of growth and discovery. Transportation is included, providing parents with peace of mind for drop-off and pick-up. Experience the joy of Camp Tamarack with your child this summer!

Munchkin Lunch

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Join the highly-regarded Munchkin Lunch program, specifically designed for our vibrant 3-5 year-old campers! Situated at the bustling Camp Tamarack near Morris Plains, this program is a standout among Morris Plains parents who desire a nurturing setting that focuses on their little ones’ nutritional needs. Our dedicated team ensures your child’s dietary preferences are catered to, with plenty of snacks available throughout the day. Transportation is included, offering both pick-up and drop-off options for your convenience. Come and be a part of this enriching experience where young minds flourish!