3, 4, and 5 year olds Summer Camp Mendham

Summer camp for 3-5 year olds near Mendham

Tamarack Day Camp is popular among families near Mendham with children aged 3 to 5. We offer tailored programs for our youngest campers, including options for five full days, three full days, or five half days. The Munchkin Division maintains the smallest camper-to-staff ratio, ensuring individual attention with typically 10 to 12 campers managed by three to four staff members.

Toddler Summer Camp Mendham (2)

Designed specifically for 3 to 5 year-olds, each activity in the Munchkin Program is led by Munchkin Specialists trained to develop both gross and fine motor skills. These activities include a variety of athletic and creative tasks, swim instruction, and the promotion of essential social skills in a nurturing environment.

Munchkin Athletics

Toddler Summer Camp Mendham

Tamarack Day Camp offers adapted versions of popular sports specifically designed for children aged 3 to 5. Our programs include mini-soccer, mini-basketball, t-ball, and gymnastics, all scaled to suit our youngest campers. At Tamarack, close to Mendham, your child will enjoy learning the basics of these sports under the guidance of experienced athletic instructors. This allows them to gain confidence and skill in a fun and supportive environment. Join us for a summer where your little ones can thrive while engaging in their favorite activities.

Creative Arts

Kindergarten Summer Camp Mendham

Tamarack Day Camp, located near Mendham, is a haven for creative young minds. Our Creative Arts Center features a variety of artistic activities in comfortable, air-conditioned classrooms, under the guidance of skilled art instructors. Each week, campers explore diverse disciplines such as Ceramics, Music, Cooking, Mad Science, Drama, Nature exploration, Dance, Digital Photography, and Jewelry Making.

For our youngest campers, ages 3-5, the highlight of the summer is participating in the annual Dance and Drama Production. This event takes place during the camp’s sixth week at a local venue equipped with professional sound and lighting. It provides an exciting opportunity for our Munchkin groups to showcase their dance skills in a professionally staged environment, making it a memorable evening for the performers and their families.

Low Ropes and Confidence Course

Preschool Summer Camp Mendham

At Tamarack Day Camp near Mendham, our youngest campers, aged 3-5, enjoy our specially designed low ropes course. This course is built just inches off the ground to ensure safety and accessibility, perfect for developing gross motor skills and boosting confidence in young children. The addition of a Mini-Zipline adds an exciting element to their adventure.

Our Tamarack Confidence Course, a smaller version of our high ropes course, is another highlight. Positioned just 5 feet above the ground, it allows campers to engage with various elements safely and confidently under the supervision of our expert instructors.

Safety is a top priority at Tamarack. All our ropes courses are rigorously inspected by a reputable company before the season begins. Additionally, our certified ropes instructors perform daily checks and guide the campers, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience.

Join us near Mendham for a summer filled with adventure, skill development, and memorable experiences for your little ones.

Learn to Swim

Day Care Summer Camp Mendham

At Tamarack Day Camp near Mendham, we are dedicated to teaching young children, aged 3-5, the essential skill of swimming. Our Aquatic Facility features a shallow, heated pool designed to ensure comfort and safety for our youngest campers, enabling them to stand and learn effectively.

Each morning, our certified swim instructors, along with group counselors, conduct 40-minute lessons focused on enhancing your child’s swimming abilities and confidence. In the afternoons, we offer 40 minutes of free swim time, allowing campers to interact with peers in a fun and engaging environment.

Tamarack Day Camp is committed to making swimming a positive and successful experience for young children. Join us this summer for a program that combines safety, learning, and fun near Mendham.

Social Development

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Tamarack Day Camp near Mendham is designed for young children, aged 3 to 5, to learn and grow. Our camp focuses on teaching the fundamentals of companionship, independence, and confidence. As campers move between activities, they are encouraged to foster friendships, teamwork, sharing, and respectful interactions.

Our dedicated team supports our Munchkins campers in effectively using words to express themselves and promotes direct communication. This nurturing environment helps equip children with essential emotional and social skills, providing a strong foundation for their future success. Join us at Tamarack Day Camp for a summer of meaningful development and fun.

Munchkin Lunch

3-5 Year Old Summer Camp near Mendham(2)

Our Munchkin Lunch program at Tamarack Day Camp near Mendham is specifically tailored for our preschool campers aged 3-5. We focus on the nutritional needs of our youngest campers by providing them with a dedicated lunch period early in the day. Our staff is committed to meeting any specific dietary needs your child may have and can provide additional snacks as needed throughout the day. Join us for a summer where your little ones can thrive in a caring and fun environment.