3 Influential Benefits of Sending Your Child to Summer Camp

Summer camp can be a big decision for both you and your child, but it’s one that pays off in spades. After all, there are numerous benefits to sending your child to summer camp. Some of these benefits, such as physical ones from activities, reveal themselves rather quickly while others require a bit of time to take shape. Regardless, there’s no denying summer camp helps your child become a more well-rounded individual. 

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at a few of the top benefits your child will reap when they attend camp with us here at Tamarack. Check them out below!

Camp is a Confidence & Independence Booster

Even though day camp removes the “sleep away” aspect, your child is still spending a majority of their summer weekdays outside of your supervision. Yes, they have counselors and staff available should they need anything but the day is ultimately their own. When parents aren’t around, kids will learn how to make their own decisions and come to their own conclusions on how to solve problems or complete activities. 

This kind of exposure to problem-solving is invaluable as kids get older too. Not only do they get experience knowing what goes into making a good or bad decision, but they will also be able to lean on peers for feedback and advice. Allowing kids to own their independence within a controlled setting not only gives them a proper taste of independence at a young age, but it also gives them the confidence to conduct themselves well and thrive when left to their own devices. 

Camp Let’s Kids Build New Skills 

It’s not every day your child gets to try their hand at archery, right? Not only does summer camp keep kids active throughout the summer season but it lets them explore new interests too. From creative endeavors to general athletics, there are numerous ventures for our campers to discover. The great thing about being exposed to these activities is they could turn a simple trial run into a full-time hobby. 

Camp is a great place for kids to get out of their comfort zone, making it a great place to try their hand at something new. By taking risks with their current skill set in a controlled setting, they can experience failure or setbacks without fear of dealing with the repercussions.

Camp Keeps Kids Active

Jumping off the notion that camp lets kids explore new hobbies, it also keeps them active throughout the summer. Instead of hanging around the house for three months glued to their phones, computers, or televisions, camp keeps kids going when it matters most. Besides, kids tend to lose their edge in the summer and by enrolling them in summer camp, you’re ensuring they spend a majority of their weekdays participating in active, physical activities. 

Keeping active and healthy is a mantra we try and instill in all of our campers, and it’s something we hope sticks with them throughout their lifetime. Spending the summer engaged in various physical pastimes is much better time spent than lounging around glued to a phone screen. 

Tamarack Provides All the Benefits of Summer Day Camp  

Summer camp gives kids the chance to expand their horizons and ultimately grow as young people. If you’re interested in enrolling your child here at Tamarack Day Camp, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can contact us online or by giving us a buzz at 862-244-4422.